WUSTL Transdisciplinary Pre- and Postdoctoral Training Program in Obesity and Cardiovascular Disease

Obesity is an area of critical public health concern, as it is associated with significant cardiovascular health risks and the onset of cardiovascular disease.

This training program at Washington University School of Medicine recruits highly-qualified pre- and postdoctoral trainees from diverse backgrounds across disciplines and places them within transdisciplinary mentoring teams with faculty members who are leading researchers in the fields of obesity and cardiovascular disease prevention and treatment.

These training experiences produce scientists with the transdisciplinary research skills necessary to address the complex problems of weight and eating disorders and cardiovascular disease prevention and treatment across the lifespan.

Now accepting applications

This new NHLBI-funded T32 training program at Washington University’s School of Medicine is currently accepting applications for postdoctoral fellowship positions.

Eligibility requirements and application information »