Phone: 314-286-2079
Fax: 314-788-2086


2nd Floor, suite 2100 Mid Campus Center (MCC)
4590 Children’s Place
St Louis, MO 63110

Directions to the Center for Healthy Weight and Wellness (from Metro Garage):

Once you arrive to Children’s Place, look for the Metro Parking Garage on this road. See the “School of Medicine Campus Map” above. Building 69 is the Metro Garage and Building 29 (right next to it) is the Mid Campus Center (MCC) where our lab is located.

Inside the garage, take the elevator or stairs to Level 3. The elevators are located right beside the ticket polls where you picked up your entrance ticket. Once you reach Level 3, step out of the elevator and there will be a sign that says Hospitals and Schools above the door on your left. Enter the building through this door. (You will need to press the silver Handicap button between the two elevators to open the door.)

Once you enter through that door take a left and walk straight. You should be walking down a hallway that has many windows on both sides. Continue to walk straight and look for a sign on your left that says MCC- Floor 2 next to a set of glass double doors. Go through the glass double doors and then take another left. The Center for Healthy Weight and Wellness is at the very end of the hall inside a wooden door. There is a waiting room right inside the door.

Directions to our Center (from FRONT entrance of Mid Campus Center):

When you enter the building, walk directly up the stairs ahead. Make a right at the top of the stairs, and then a left before you reach the elevators. You will enter a long hallway, follow it to the very end. You will see Suite 2100 – Center for Healthy Weight and Wellness above a wooden door. The door opens into our waiting room.